Now presenting... BROS!

April 11, 2018

Now presenting... BROS!


The 2018 Blue Ribbon OXEN Awards have been postponed until 2019

When I was 12 years old I was apart of an amazing school bible study.  Seeing all the kids in my school that were Christians was really cool.  The thing that I remember the most was how amazing the leader was.  The leader, we called him Big Z, always showed us the love of Christ. Big Z strived to show us what it meant to live Christlike and how to carry the yoke of Christ.  The OXEN Apparel brand personifies the lifestyle of people like Big Z.

OXEN Apparel would like to celebrate the work of many of the people like Big Z who live the mission of OXEN Apparel.  This year, we are excited to launch the first ever BRO Awards!! 

B.R.O stands for Blue Ribbon Oxen, those who go above and beyond to carry the yoke of Christ.  Does anyone in your life sound like Big Z?  Do they sound like someone who fits the OXEN lifestyle?  Nominate them by clicking the logo below.

OXEN Apparel BRO Awards


Casey Cohoon
OXEN Team Member

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