OXEN Apparel is excited to host InTents Feast this fall to commemorate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles. We invite you to join us September 23rd- October 2nd in Hastings, MI.

This Old Testament feast is all about the foreshadowing of the coming of our Messiah Jesus Christ, and the great work God is accomplishing though Him.

What makes this feast so unique is that it celebrates the culmination of God’s entire plan for mankind. It’s an amazing opportunity for coming together to worship God, celebrate the work he is doing though Jesus, learn about Him, and form friendships and fellowship with other believers.

The InTents Feast is designed to be a deeply rich and rewarding spiritual experience for the entire family. We welcome all followers of Jesus to come together to dig into the scriptures together, and worship our God in spirit and in truth.

InTents Feast is all about ‘rejoicing before the Lord’ (Lev. 23:40)! Every morning and evening we will have prayer & devotion/worship services incorporating contemporary worship music and biblical teaching. Each afternoon there will be programing for small children, youth, and the entire family. Activities include arts & crafts, zipline, rock climbing, and our daily family/team games competition and much more! Although we highly encourage you to participate in all of the festivities, all programing is voluntary, so you can have as much or as little activity as you’d like.

Fellowship is a high priority at the feast, so each night everyone is invited to a themed potluck feast, fun, and fellowship.

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