Prayer is a critical piece of InTents Feast. Prayer begins the assault on enemy territory, creating a beachhead for this event. Part of every disciple’s job is to pray earnestly for new workers..(Matt. 9:28). If you are willing to dedicate time to lifting this event in prayer, we encourage you to be apart of this team. 

Please only sign up for this if you are able to come at least 3 to 4 days early and/or stay 1 to 2 days later. You MUST contact us in advance for this much-needed volunteer area. If you are not approved on the Set-up or Tear-down crew, then you will not be allowed into the camp early or stay later.

All parents of children in the program MUST volunteer throughout the week to assist our Children’s Program team. No special talents are required. Our Team Leaders will contact you in advance.

We try to lighten the load on everyone by having each evening meal be pot-luck style. However we still need a team of people who will help in the areas of Food Prep, Serving, and/or Clean-up. A lot of help is needed at each of the evening meals. You will be contacted by the Team Lead.

Security is a vital part of our camp. We will need volunteers who are willing to keep an eye on the camp, and be aware of any safety issues that may arise.  We ask that all able-bodied men volunteer in this area.

Washroom Warriors work to keep the camp facilities clean and proper for all of us. Those with a true gift of service are needed in this area

If you have any retail experience and would like to volunteer at the merchandise area, sign up for this opportunity. You will be contacted by our Team Lead.

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