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Holding A Place

November 24, 2017 1 Comment

Holding A Place

Building a new website is a long and tedious process. Every single little detail needs to be thought of. What color links will be, nuances in spacing of texts and logos, trying to keep a consistent theme...etc. It all gets to be a little bit draining. Even the simple process of trying to decide if this section should be called "blog" or "news". It seems like a simple thing, but that simple decision may make the difference as to rather or not people will actually read the content that takes so much time, effort, and thought. 

Nobody likes their time to be wasted... and sometimes, when things take as long as building a website does, it's easy to feel like all that time is wasted. Especially when it comes to things like this. 

I'm writing this blog simply to hold a place. And although since this is the first "place holder" blog, and only a few people will ever see it, I feel it valuable that you are one of the first and only people to see it. It's people like you that business people may call "early adopters". You are the people that get in on the ground level of things. You're the first to catch on to what will one day be a massive idea... but you're the reason why it started. Check out this video...

As I begin to write this first blog as a "place holder"... I realize that it's doing more then just holding a place on a yet to be launched website. This blog is holding a place for those first few followers that will turn OXEN into a movement. It's for those that see the vision, and decide that they want to be apart of it. It's for those that realize that OXEN is not about me (aka some crazy shirtless guy dancing in a crowd), and it's not even about you dancing a long with me. It'a about WHO we're dancing for! 

If you're with me leave a comment down below and lets get this movement started together! I've saved a place especially for you. 

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Kyle Vugteveen
Kyle Vugteveen

January 08, 2018

Love the shirts and hats. Also love your story and what you’re doing with your music and with Oxen. Keep up the work and praise be to God always.

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